House Rules

CrossFit Bartlesville is a training facility that for many has become a second home. Hours are spent training, sweat is lost and relationships are forged; the type of bonds that can be made only through perseverance, and accomplishment. We come here to make ourselves better, physically and mentally. Goals are reached, and new ones are set. This "Box" is more than a training center. We must care for it, and treat it well. One of the things that separates a good gym from a great gym is the people and the atmosphere that is created by members.  If we all do our part, we can keep our community at its best.  Here are some helpful things we all do to care for our house.

Parking.  We are allotted 2 parking spots per unit.  We occupy units 13,14, 15 & 16.  If there are no available parking spaces in front, ample parking can be found around back.

Show up on time or even ahead of time, especially if you feel you need that extra warm-up. If everyone shows up when class is supposed to start, everyone can be out within an hour. Plus, it’s important to warm up together.  The warm-up is when we get to prepare for the battles ahead and work on some important skill movements. 

Greet new members. We all were the “new person” at one point. Take the initiative to greet guests and new members.  CrossFit can be very intimidating, especially when watching some fire breathers go at it, so a friendly introduction can really settle some nerves. 

Be a good listener.  Save your chatting & socialization for before or after class.  When the coach is going over the warm-up, skill, bar work and WOD, please do not carry on a conversation with your neighbor. Even if you have been a gym member for awhile and you know all the movements, remember there are members who don't and may want to hear everything the coach says. 

Come to class.  This applies to all members, newbies, and coaches.  For newbies, make sure you're staying consistent.  For all other members & coaches, it is not okay to do your own thing whenever you want. There's a myriad of reasons we have class - for starters, you're less likely to bias yourself towards the things you're good at; you'll get some competition; and no matter how experienced you are, you still need coaching and you can still stand to work on the basics.  If you have extra things you'd like to work on, there is open gym for that.  You chose the CrossFit community for a reason, to workout in community. 

Use the Kids Room.  Children are not allowed on any part of the gym floor during a class.  We love your kids and this is for their safety as well as the safety of members lifting weights.  Don't assume that other members will help "babysit" your children if they do not stay in the kids room, and don't assume the coach(es) are available to do that either.  The coaches #1 job is to coach during a class and be available to all members.  Please clean up after your kids in the kids room (i.e. toys picked up, food cleaned up, etc).  

Cooperate & be considerate.  Sometimes WODs can be hard to organize, especially during the larger classes.  Be patient and help out the coach by setting up equipment properly.  If you must share equipment, arrange this before the WOD starts.  Don't take someone's equipment or assume they are okay with you jumping in without asking.

Workout with Integrity & Purpose.  Your WOD time and/or Score matters, so write it on the whiteboard.  CrossFit encourages friendly competition, and many people enjoy comparing times or scores after a workout.  In order to increase your level of fitness, complete every repetition of every every workout.  If you miss a rep, redo it.  Fighting through and finishing a workout when it gets tough will benefit you in the long run!  Don't cheat.  No one likes a cheater.  Be honest with everyone else, and be honest with yourself.  You know how to count, so practice counting correctly.  If necessary, use the whiteboard to keep track.  If you lose count, the next number is always 1.  If you want to get on the Benchmark Leader-board, you MUST have someone count for you.  If no one saw it, it didn't happen.  You also know what full range of motion is, so there's no excuse for shoddy reps.

Control your weight. There is nothing wrong with dropping a bar w/ bumper plates on a failed lift or when you feel you can no longer safely perform a motion. However, it should not become the standard method of resetting reps. Do not drop an empty barbell. They are expensive, and are not meant to be dropped. Control the weight you are using to the best of your ability, if you find this too hard a task, simply lower the load.  

Jump rope inside only.  The concrete is course and is destructive to the ropes. 

Trust the Programming & Keep Rx Sacred.  We have a goal in mind for ALL our members when we select programs to follow or create the WODs.  Your level of fitness will improve if you workout with purpose.  Our coaches know how to appropriately scale workouts for our members, so ask them if you're needing to scale/modify.  In CrossFit, the term “as Rx’d” denotes that a particular Workout of the Day (WOD) was done“as Prescribed."  This means the completion of the workout as written, with no scaling or modifications, with full range of motion (ROM).  Marking a workout “as Rx’d” is something special and sacred.  It means that you have above average strength, mobility and conditioning.  It means you did all of the prescribed reps, with no substitutions or scaling.  If you substitute an exercise, or scale the workout in any way, it is NOT “as Rx’d”.  It also means that you demonstrated solid form throughout the effort.  It means that your ROM was complete on EVERY rep.  In order to do a WOD as Rx’d, you must redo reps that were not complete.  For example, if you don't get your hip crease below the top of your knee on each squat or when doing push-ups, not coming all the way up to full lock out, you didn’t do it as RX’d. Performing a workout as "Rx'd" is NOT more important than performing a workout with proper form and technique.  Your development as an athlete takes precedence over your time on a given workout.  Only when you can consistently execute the functional movements of CrossFit with proficient mechanics will you be able to increase the load.  If you shortchange your WODs to get a better time, you are just hindering your own progress. In light of this standard, improvements in times that come from a sacrifice in form or ROM do not mean anything.  If you build on proper mechanics, "as Rx'd" will come. 

Be a positive community member.  Check your ego at the door.  One thing that glaringly sets CrossFit apart from "traditional gyms" is the community aspect.  This means you're not in the gym for yourself or to do your own thing.  You're in the gym to help others get better & get better yourself by working out in community.  Cheer on members finishing a workout in the class before yours, or for the "last man standing" in the WOD you just completed.  It stinks to be last and we've all been there.  But we are in a community, and we support one another.

Be responsible and Respectful.  Take pride in your gym.  Space is limited, so please be mindful of the working space in the gym and tuck your belongings out of the way and don't leave them laying all over the floor.  Return equipment back to it’s original spot when you are finished. This way other members can find it, and there is more space to move around the box. When stacking the bumper plates, make sure they are aligned properly and bars are on the correct rack.  Clean up your sweat, blood and puke - use the Clorox wipes we make available.  Don't spit on any part of the gym floor, not even the green turf.  Pick up your used tape, notebooks, chalk, water bottles and sweaty clothes.  Wipe down the bars, rowers, wallballs, and kettlebells that you used.  Think of the next class that will be coming in to workout.

Open Gym.  Open Gym should be used as a last resort.  IF you are unable to make it to any other class time, then use the Open Gym time to do the WOD.  It can also be used to work on weaknesses or specific movements if you have already come or plan on coming to a regular class that day.  Open Gym is not recommended for new members.

Chalk hands inside the bucket.  Chalk can get pretty messy, so do your best to keep as much inside the bucket as possible, plus, it will last longer.  If you notice that you managed to drench your medball or abmat (which is perfectly fine and normal), wipe it down after the workout. When sweat starts to mix with chalk it’s not very sanitary and breaks down equipment quicker.

Music in the gym.  Headphones of any kind are not allowed in the gym.  It does not lend to a community feel when you separate yourself with headphones.  It also does not allow you to hear or be part of coaching and instruction during the WOD.

Trash. When tossing trash or paper towels, make sure you get it into the actual garbage. While nailing a 10ft target with a large weighted ball may not be so difficult anymore, a paper towel is proving to be quite the nemesis of accuracy and coordination. Take the extra second to ensure a safe delivery of trash to a receptacle.

*In short, leave the "house" better than you found it.


  1. Lastly, DO NOT LICK THE BATHROOM FLOORS. (Except on Tuesdays, of course.)