Monday, May 22, 2017

Burpees, Med Ball Thruster, Lunges



A) Back Squat - 5@50%, 4@60, 3@70, 2@80, 1@85, 2@80, 1@90

-Optional accessory work:
B) Supinated (reverse grip pull-ups) 5x5-10

7 RFT / 20 cap
5 Burpees
50 Single-unders
Run 200m

Foundations / Conditioning 
Partner / AMRAP 15
30 Burpees (1 works, switch as needed)
60 Med Ball Thruster over Pull-up Bar (receive ball into the full squat then thruster ball back over the bar to partner)
90 Lunges (1 works, switch as needed)

3 Rounds / 20 cap
9 Body Weight Front Squats (from floor)
15 GH Raise
21 GHD Sit-up
*Wear a vest, 20/10#
AMRAP Ring Muscle-ups (men - vest)

Rest 1 minute
For time:  Run 800m

1 comment:

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