Friday, January 31, 2014

Double-unders, Hollow Rocks, OH Squats, Pull-ups, Push-ups, GHDHE, Atomic Sit-ups, Burpees


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One Twin Gave Up Sugar, the Other Gave Up Fat
How to release your psoas. (video)

Grab a partner and do the following work for time in any order:

200 Double-unders (scale 3:1)
175 Hollow Rocks
150 Overhead Squats w/ PVC
125 Jumping Pull-ups
100 Hand Release Push-ups
75 GHD Hip Extensions (pause at top)
50 Atomic Sit-ups 45/25# plate
25 Burpees


Best Results for Yesterday's WOD    

Foundations: Dallas 462 reps  /  Kathy Faria 399 reps
Conditioning:  Clint Auschwitz 23:32

Competition:  Nate Dogg 20:23

50+ Results:

60+ Results:

Weekly Challenge:  Melissa Hatfield 112  /  Mark Caldwell 83 reps

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